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Opal RT

Opal-RT Technologies provides a complete range of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation services and products - from distributed real-time technologies to turnkey engineering simulators - specializing in applications where plant model fidelity and fault tolerance requirements push rapid control prototyping and HIL testing to their limits.

The companys core software, RT-LAB, allows customers to rapidly develop simulations from their analytical models, while minimizing their initial outlay and their cost of ownership.

They have built an enviable reputation for high-performance hard-real-time simulation, using off-the-shelf technologies. The company has hundreds of customers around the world using RT-LAB-based engineering simulators. These include General Motors, Ford, Delphi, Visteon,Toyota, DENSO, EADS, Embraer, General Electric, and other leading manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, defense, mechatronic and electrical systems.

NEW - RT-LAB High-End Super-Computer Real-Time Simulation Laboratory

RT-LAB TestDrive

RT-LAB Rapid Prototyping Controller

RT-LAB Electric Drive Simulator

Electrical Engineering Simulator

RT-LAB TestFlight

RT-LAB UAV Engineering Simulator

RT-LAB Turbine Engine Simulator

RT-LAB DriveLab

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for model-based design, plant simulation and control prototyping. Works with popular diagramming tools MATLAB Simulink™ and MATRIXx SystemBuild™.
      Fully programmable Electronic Control Unit (ECU) open-loop tester, with options for closed-loop dynamic testing
Reconfigurable FPGA-based field programmable gate array boards for distributed I/O and signal conditioning
    Fully integrated hardware and software systems for control systems automation
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