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ASIC Design

In today’s multimillion gate designs the verification and implementation of an SoC takes center stage and almost consumes a major chunk of the design time. Ammos’s Services' team helps our customers to ease this bottleneck thereby achieving the final design closure on time. With exhaustive experience of working on multi-million gate ASIC/SoC design projects, we have emerged as leading solutions provider. We offer complete RTL verification, Netlist to GDS, and Netlist to Silicon solutions.


Ammos Core Competency in RTL verification:

  • Expertise in HDL’s such as Verilog and VHDL, verification languages such as Vera, HPL etc.
  • Full Chip verification including Automated Test benches and regression analysis.
  • Expertise with all major EDA verification tools.
  • Solutions in functional verification. - using Static Functional verification tool like Solidify - Dynamic simulation using any well known simulator
  • Timing simulation and Design validation using code coverage.

Physical Design Implementation (Netlist to GDS / Netlist to Silicion):

Ammos provide physical design services with a business focus on turnkey Netlist to GDS solutions. Ammos have a team averaging over 10 years of expertise in Physical Design. The team has several first-time silicon success tape outs to its credit.

ASIC Services - Ammos

Ammos provide IC design services to Semiconductor and OEM companies. Our highly experienced Physical design team has extensively worked on Mixed-Signal and Digital Chips with advanced P&R, Dynamic power analysis, Physical verification and Physical Extraction using a wide range of EDA tools and flows.

Ammos offer customers the best-in-class physical-design services, including Mixed-signal and Digital designs. Ammos combine its physical design expertise with advanced EDA tools flows and methodologies. We carry a broad range of technology expertise from 180nm, 130nm, 90nm and 65 nm CMOS designs, Low power, Signal Integrity, ESD, Circuit Simulations and Packaging with a deeper understanding of Semiconductor physics.

ASIC Services - Ammos Software


Onsite Staff Augmentation:

We also provide consultancy services for ASIC and Embedded Design