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ARM Software Development Solution

RealView® Developer Suite is the latest in the well established ARM product family of fully integrated software solutions. RealView Developer Suite contains leading edge tools for creating and debugging, efficient software to run on any processors based on an ARM architecture. In line with our policy of long term customer support, RealView Developer Suite ships with components from previous family members such as ARM Developer SuiteTM (ADS).

It has a number of important new features, which have been requested by a significant number of ARM Partners and have been eagerly awaited. The highlights are:

Support for ARM1156T2-S™ processor (the first Thumb®-2-capable processor)
Support for ARM1176ZF-S™ processor (the first TrustZone™-enabled processor)
Support for compiling for Symbian OS-based devices.
Interworking with gcc 3.4 to build Linux applications and shared libraries.
CodeWarrior IDE v5.6 now included (with a conversion utility for ADS 1.2 CodeWarrior project files).
RealView Debugger 1.8 can now debug images built with gcc 3.x.
ARM RealView Developer Suite 2.2 runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris host platforms.

RealView Developer Suite Includes the latest:

RealView Developer Suite Compilation Tools.   Discover more....
The RealView Developer Suite RVCT compilation tools provide the full set of software components required to build C and C++ applications targeting the 32-bit ARM and 16-bit Thumb® instruction sets.

RealView Developer Suite RVD Debugger.  Discover More....
The RealView® Developer Suite RVD debugger. , adds new features needed for debugging today's complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs. RVD connects to the RVISS instruction set simulator, RealView RVI and RealView Multi-ICE® run control units, and trace capture hardware RealView RVT and RealView MultiTrace.                                                                                                   

RealView Developer Suite Instruction Set Simulator Discover more....
The RealView® Developer Suite RVISS instruction set simulator, provides accurate simulation of ARM® and Thumb® core-based processors. Allowing you to develop and benchmark code before hardware is available. RealView ISS, the list of supported cores include the following:
ARM7TDMI®, ARM7-STM, ARM7EJ-STM, ARM720T™ rev4, ARM9TDMI™, ARM920T™, ARM922T™, ARM9E-S™, ARM9EJ-S™, ARM966E-S™ rev2, ARM946E-S™ rev1, ARM926EJ-S™, ARM1020E™, ARM1136J-STM, ARM1136JF-STM, Models of legacy cores, such as ARM710a, ARM710T, ARM740T, ARM940T and SA-1100 are also provided.     



Metrowerks A Freescale Company
The CodeWarrior III Compiler provides language-specific front ends for C and C++ that parse the original source code into a common token-based representation of the source. Optimizations are applied to this intermediate language representation. Also, the fully optimized code is converted into the appropriate machine code via a robust, table-driven back-end module. Metrowerks' close relationship with silicon partners, combined with the CodeWarrior III Compiler's modular design, make it possible for the CodeWarrior portfolio to provide highly optimized compilers for new silicon with very short lead times. Discover More....

Proven Optimization Technology
Advanced C/C++ Compiler - Designed for highly embedded development support.
Linker - offers precise control over the allocation, placement, and alignment of code and data in memory.
Libraries - the Metrowerks Standard Libraries is included:
CodeWarrior Instruction Set Simulator.                                                                                       

Full-Featured Debugging  Discover more....
The CodeWarrior Debugger provides a rich set of debugging features designed to help the developer quickly find and repair software defects, including:
Stack crawl window
Contextual data
Preprocessor information
Special Breakpoints
Memory window
Register Window
Register Details Window
Cache Window
Object file format
Multi-thread/process debugging
Multi-core debugging
Multiple CPU debugging
Target connection wizard
Profile Window
Command-Line Window
Board bring-up                                                                                                                 

Runcontrol Tools

PowerTAP: PowerTAP PRO ICE supports you all the way through hardware board bring-up to board support package and device driver development not just for one project but again and again so you don't have to invest in new development platforms. This system "taps" into the full potential of your chosen microprocessor and associated peripherals providing you with a crash-proof development environment to conduct processor system test, debug, and integration. You will find this system dramatically helps cut debugging time and costs so you can deliver high performance systems competitively and timely to the market.    Discover More....
Visibility & Control
Evaluating Speed and Productivity
Compatibility & Cost Conscious                                                                                               

The CodeWarrior USB TAP® host target interface is a feature-packed, no nonsense run control tool that allows developers to save precious development time during target bring-up and debug providing visibility into and control of Freescale on-chip debug (OCD) features., The USB TAP integrates seamlessly with the CodeWarrior™ integrated development environment, giving the developer a powerful tool for complex debug tasks. The USB TAP features broad Freescale processor support, complete run control functionality and flash programming for fast downloads and convenient production testing.  Discover More....


Verification: CodeTEST The Logic Analyzer for Software Engineers
 Discover more....

CodeTest Software Analysis Tool (SAT) gives you an unprecedented level of confidence at Code hand-off. Froom Design to Development, from Development to Test, from Test to deployment, CodeTEST SAT streamlines transitions, helping you to indentify unresolved issues bugs they occur in the cycle. Project Managers, Engineers and Marketing team have data they need to feel confident in the quality of their systems. In an Industry where product performance and code quality are key, CodeTEST SAT can make the difference.

CodeTEST SAT are designed to seamlessly integrate with your development environment whether you use CodeTEST Native, Software In-Circuit (SWIC) or Hardware In-Circuit (HWIC). For the initial stages of your development, there's

CodeTEST Native - ready to jump-start your embedded software development even before hardware is available.
CodeTEST Software In-Circuit (SWIC) - is the ideal solution for integrating your application software with your target hardware.
CodeTEST Hardware In-Circuit (HWIC) - aids you through the final system tests and validation, when the highest levels of detail and accuracy are required, with a unique set of real-time measurement and analysis tools.

CodeTEST instrumentation technology delivers the least intrusive real-time embedded software analysis solution in the industry. Whether you use software-only, resident IDE or hardware probe technology, CodeTEST software analysis tools are ready to adapt.




MQX Embedded's Metaware High C/C++ compiler  
Discover more....
Metware Compiler is a proven, high performance optimizing compiler specially tailored to the needs of the embedded developer, delivering compact, fast, efficient code with nine levels of superior global optimization, including instruction scheduling, pipelining and branch prediction. Selecting from among hundreds of safe optimizations, Metaware High C/C++ can be instructed to optimize for tiny code footprint or for blazing speed and intermediate points between.

High C/C++ supports C, EC++, and C++ in ‘incremental strength' depending on project requirements; where the overhead of C++ isn't desired, additional efficiency is gained by compiling using simpler standards. And, source is provided for the run-time library so you may tune and adapt the library functions as needed. High C/C++ is highly regarded for its documentation and for the clarity of its error messages.

Designed for portability, High C/C++ supports selected Windows, Solaris and Linux hosts, and supports a wide range of the most popular embedded hardware platforms, including ARC™, PowerPC™, ARM™, MIPS™, VideoCore™ and XScale™. High C/C++ offers a wide range of pragma and option settings, and comes with a driver program to automate compiling and linking.

MQX Embedded's Metware Debugger-SeeCode   Discover more....
Metware Debugger was designed to work hand-in-glove with MetaWare High C/C++™ Compiler and MQX™ RTOS, as well as with other leading C and C++ compilers and with in-house and 3rd-party commercial RTOSes. For example, SeeCode’s tight RTOS integration, in conjunction with the MQX RTOS, takes full advantage of its innovative Task Aware Debug features to provide outstanding visibility into task and RTOS information, such as tasks, task templates, task queues, semaphores, lightweight semaphores, mutexes, events, message queues, message pools, partitions, user memory blocks, system memory blocks, names, the kernel data structure, the OS init structure, interrupt handlers, and the kernel log.

Telelogic - Solutions for Advanced Systems and Software Development

Requirements Management - Telelogic DOORS®
Discover more....
Telelogic DOORS® is the market and technology leading Requirements Management (RM) solution that captures, links, traces, analyzes and manages information to ensure conformance to requirements and compliance with regulations and standards. DOORS enhances communication, collaboration and validation across the enterprise.

Design, Implementation & Test - Telelogic TAU®   Discover more....
Telelogic TAU® enables teams of engineers to design, specify and verify the architecture and functionality of advanced systems and software. The TAU family of tools automates best practices for a variety of design and development tasks, including systems engineering, software development for embedded and other advanced systems, and unit and systems integration testing.

Change and Configuration Management - Telelogic SYNERGY™    Discover more....
Telelogic SYNERGY™ is the award-winning solution for change and configuration management. SYNERGY provides lifecycle control for your company's digital assets and enables you to improve the quality and accelerate the delivery of advanced systems and software.

Software Quality Assurance -Telelogic Logiscope™    Dicover more....
Telelogic Logiscope™ provides quality assurance in software development projects using C, C++, Ada or Java by enabling you to find problems early in the development process. Logiscope uses quality metrics and coding rules to identify the problematic modules and provides you with direct connection to the faulty constructs and improvement recommendations.

Automated Documentation Generation -Telelogic DocExpress®    Dicover more....
Telelogic DocExpress® provides automated reporting and documentation services for Telelogic's solutions and third party tools. DocExpress reduces the effort and cost of producing and maintaining documentation while maintaining up-to-date links to data sources.


Metrowerks A Freescale Company

Linux Solutions Discover more....
Metrowerks approach to Linux development has established a track record of innovation and "industry firsts."
Linux BSPs Metrowerks Linux board support packages (BSPs) — Direct from the same company that produces the silicon comes a freely downloadable and tested Linux distribution for leading Freescale Semiconductor reference platforms.
Development Tools - Metrowerks Platform Creation Suite (PCS) helps you to configure, extend, build and manage the Metrowerks Linux BSPs for your target device.
Metrowerks CodeWarrior™ Tools for Embedded Linux Development tools enable you to create custom software solutions that run within the Linux OS environment.
CodeTEST® Software Analysis Tools give you ready access to comprehensive, high-performance tests and diagnostics for:
Task/System Call Trace
Memory Analysis
Performance Tuning
Code Coverage Analysis

OSEK Solution Discover more....

Metrowerks OSEKturbo is a small, fast, reliable, scalable Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) that provides a valuable set of RTOS services that can be leveraged by your embedded application. Developed in accordance with the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI™) highest Capability Maturity Model® (CMM) rating and fully compliant to the latest OSEK/VDX™ specifications, the operating system is designed to occupy very little memory, provide fast context switching times and increase reusability of your embedded application.

Additionally, deterministic scheduling tools that help uncover timing problems early in the development lifecycle are available.


High quality, efficient, reliable and scalable Operating System
Compliant with OSEK/VDXTM OS Specification (Version 2.2)
Developed by an SEI CMMTM Level 5 organization
Supports deterministic scheduling capabilities (timing analysis) to uncover timing problems early in the design phase
Works seamlessly with CodeWarrior Development Studio
Supports industry leading compilers from Metrowerks. Also supports third-party compilers such as Diab, Cosmic and more (support varies with architecture. Please refer to documentation for more information)
Available for multiple 8,16 and 32-bit silicon architectures from Freescale, Infineon, NEC, Texas Instruments and more
Industry leading support, training and services
Supported Hosts
• Windows® 98/98SE/2000/XP/Windows NT® 4.0 + Service Pack 6a or later

Supported Architectures: Freescale - MPC500, MPC5500, HC12, HC08, MGT5100, MPC5200, MAC7111, 56F8345 (Hybrid), 56F8346 (Hybrid)
Texas Instruments - TMS470, NEC - V850 , Infineon - C16x



MQX™ Real-Time Operating System    Discover more....
MQX Real-time Operating System provides proven performance, with blazing real-time speed within a tiny footprint. MQX RTOS is designed to be easy to configure to balance code size with performance requirements; alternative settings can be selected, benchmarked and iterated to optimize cost and performance.

MQX RTOS also comes with MQX Host Tools. This set of advanced Windows-hosted embedded development tools includes:

Task Aware Debugging (TAD) Tools
* TAD support for Debuggers - supporting MetaWare SeeCode™ as well as Metrowerks CodeWarrior™ and other leading 3rd party tools allows debuggers to provide intimate details of the embedded system, including viewing data structures, getting task summaries, viewing contents of specific tasks, and working with queues, messages, semaphores, memory and memory partitions.

* EDS client – allows many task-aware-debugging features even without a standalone debugger.

* Performance Tool – analyzes application execution and performance from the perspective of the RTOS (and the RTCS™ Internet stack, if present), generating detailed actionable performance information from kernel logs, with full visibility into state transitions, events, mutexes, messages, semaphores, clock, scheduler task creation/destruction, interrupts and RTCS calls.

* Design Tool – graphic-based source-generation tool for rapid prototyping to quickly create applications using MQX RTOS and RTCS functionality.

* MQX Builder (for ARC targets only) – builds an MQX RTOS port that is specifically tuned to the configurations chosen on the specified ARC SoC platform

RTCS™ Embedded Internet Stack  Discover more....
The framework is provided by MQX Embedded's RTCS Embedded Internet Stack. Delivered in C source code format, the RTCS Embedded Internet Stack works with the MQX™ RTOS to unlock the potential of today's connected silicon. The RTCS Embedded Internet Stack provides support for a rich set of functions and RFCs and is easily extended, by optional components which are built to work seamlessly with the RTCS Embedded Internet Stack to speed development. This modularity makes it easy to configure devices without bloating them supporting extraneous functionality.

Integration with Metaware SeeCode™ Debugger and with the Task-Aware Debugging capability of the MQX RTOS makes it easy for programmers to track RTCS tasks and status. The RTCS Embedded Internet Stack , refined for more than 10 years by the needs of demanding customers in Datacom and other markets, is the right solution for fast, efficient embedded networking.

Optional components are available which have been designed to integrate with RTCS and MQX RTOS to meet specific connectivity requirements.

Security Protocols: MQX Embedded offers following security components for applications: IPShield–IPsec; IPShield - SSL and IPShield – SSH.

Advanced Routing/Communication Protocols: Our NAT protocol module provides Network Address translation meeting RFC 3022 and RFC 2663 requirements. Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet support (RFC 2516) can be provided with our PPPoE protocol module.

Web Server Support: our web server products (HTTP Basic, HTTP Standard, HTTP Pro, Graphlets, and Softpages) let your embedded device serve web content quickly and easily.

Network Manageability: Support for SNMP version 1 and 2 is built into RTCS; should your application require SNMP version 3 support, we offer SNMPv3.

XML Parsing: XML component enables your device to accept data in XML as well as send data packaged in XML.

E-Mail Communications: SMTP module provides your device with outbound e-mail communication, and POP3 provides the capability to accept incoming e-mail communication.

Industrial Protocol Support: CANopen provides support for the CANOpen protocol becoming popular in advanced industrial automation projects.


EDA Solutions


Solidify - Static Functional Verification    Discover more....
At the heart of Averant's suite is Solidify, a high-performance formal verification engine with over 4 years of service in production. Solidify provides vectorless verification, code coverage, simulation monitors and testbenches, plus debug tracing and waveforms.

SolidTC - Automatic Timing Constraint Verifier   Discover more....
SolidTC employs formal technology to verify the correctness of false-path and multi-path constraints in a timing exceptions file (SDC).

SolidPC - Automatic AMBA Protocol Verifier    Discover more....
SolidPC verifies that a design module complies with the AMBA protocols AHB full, AHB lite, and APB.

Apache Designs

RedHawk Discover more....
RedHawk-EV is the next generation dynamic power analysis and verification solution which combines Apache's silicon-proven full-chip Vectorless DynamicT physical power integrity with the new EV technology for power closure sign-off.

RedHawk, with integrated transistor-level characterization, accurately analyzes the effects of on-chip and off-chip (package) inductance, simultaneous switching (core, memory, I/O) noise, and decoupling capacitance (intentional and intrinsic), as well as the impact of dynamic voltage drop on timing for high performance SoCs.

The addition of EV technology enables the designers to explore and identify physical design weaknesses and automatically repair the source of supply noise. The new database technique within the EV technology delivers unsurpassed capacity to meet the challenges of today and future designs. By using RedHawk, designers can reduce the likelihood of a chip re-spin while improving yield.

NSpice Discover more....
NSPICE is the industry's first mixed-domain simulator with support for actual S-parameter data, without translation or fitting. The product provides a seamless and accurate simulation path - from chip to package to board to backplane and back to chip - using direct S-parameters, thereby eliminating the inaccuracies of lumped RLC model approximations.

In addition, NSPICE provides dramatic performance and capacity improvements over existing SPICE and easily drops into all simulation environments with full compatibility to HSPICE netlists and commands. NSPICE is targeted for system integrators and designers of chips, boards, connectors, and backplanes for the high-speed, multi-gigabit communications, networking, and graphics markets.

SkyHawk Discover more....
SkyHawk is an automated constraint-driven power grid prototyping and optimization tool. It ensures silicon accuracy by utilizing foundry certified RedHawk power grid verification and analysis engine. SkyHawk delivers multi-layer, fully customizable and easily configurable power grid for a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design that meets the voltage drop and power supply requirements, while considering power specifications, design constraints, and simultaneous switching effects. Its powerful capabilities include decoupling capacitance and pad placement advisory to help guide designers in generating the most optimal power grid design.

With SkyHawk, design teams can now start their power supply planning very early in the design cycle and continuously refine the grid at every stage of the design process. Power grid designs can now be automatically determined and generated to meet all the power supply requirements.

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