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Real Time OS for your operational needs brought to you by Ammos partners.


Our RTOS Product Offerings:

Real Time Library (RTL) – Keil, An ARM Company

The RealView Real-Time Library is a collection of tightly-coupled libraries that are designed to solve the real-time and communication challenges of embedded systems based on ARM powered MCU devices.

The Real-Time Library includes:
  • RTX Real-Time Kernel (flexible royalty-free RTOS with source code)
  • Flash File System
  • TCP/IP Networking Suite
  • CAN Interface
  • USB Device Interface
The RealView Real-Time Library is designed to solve several common challenges for embedded developers including:
  • Multitasking (which allows you to manage several jobs or tasks on a single CPU)
  • Real-Time Control (which allows you to configure tasks so that operations execute within a defined period of time).
  • Inter-Task Communication (which allows tasks in your system to communicate with each other).
  • Internet Connection via Ethernet or Serial (Modem).
  • Embedded Web Server including CGI scripting.
  • E-mail Notification via SMTP

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VxWorks (Wind River)

Powering the World's Real-Time Platforms

The stakes are high for your real-time embedded systems and you can't afford failure. Wind River® has a long history of consistently supporting your key requirements for high performance, absolute determinism, and minimal footprint—a history that has kept VxWorks® the market-leading real-time operating system (RTOS) year after year.

As the first RTOS with 32-bit and 64-bit processing, multi-core and multi-OS support, and diverse connectivity options, VxWorks provides you with the functionality and support you require to stay competitive. And as your platform plans evolve to take advantage of next-generation processor capability, we continue to stay ahead of the technology curve, continually expanding VxWorks’ proficiency to extract maximum performance from the new multi-core landscape. VxWorks’ unique combination of high speed and scalability with trusted safety and security capabilities will keep your platforms running at the leading edge of the latest embedded technology.

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