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System Simulation


Go Ahead—Break All the Rules

And Accelerate Every Phase of Development

Imagine the impact to your project timelines if you could freeze, save, email, and restore the whole system (software and hardware); view and modify every device, register, or memory location; and run the whole system in reverse to find the source of a bug. And imagine if you could provide your entire teams with ubiquitous access to target hardware to start integration and testing earlier—before physical hardware is even available.

Dream It. Simulate It. Validate It.

Accelerate Embedded System Design

When exploring system configurations with Wind River® Simics, you're limited only by your imagination. Without the need to purchase and solder parts, apply power, and connect everything together, you'll pinpoint your ideal configuration in days instead of weeks. And, your software team can begin working sooner with early prototypes, providing feedback to the hardware team to iteratively mature the hardware configuration in parallel to software development.

Engineers can perform embedded system design, analyze what-if scenarios, and explore alternate architectures with Simics' capabilities, including the following:

  • Migrating a function from software running on a CPU to an independent accelerator (e.g., ASIC, FPGA, CPLD)
  • Investigating a change in the system configuration (e.g., two control units and four data processing units, or one control unit and eight data processing units)
  • Verifying an application's correct operation after porting from a singlecore platform to a multi-core platform
  • And more

Game-Changing Debugging Techniques

Find and Fix Bugs Faster

Software debugging involves three basic activities: provoking the bug, isolating the bug, and fixing the bug. It's not uncommon to spend months trying to repeat and isolate difficult bugs on physical hardware, but Wind River® Simics makes it easy to provoke and isolate bugs so you can focus your energy on fixing them. Simics gives you complete determinism—run a sequence over and over again and get the exact same behavior.

Seamlessly Provoke and Transport Bugs

With Simics, your entire system and all its inputs are under your control and recordable, so any bug can be easily reproduced any number of times and quickly transported to team members anywhere in the world by emailing coworkers with the entire system state, indicating where to start the system from.

Run in Reverse to Find the Source

Traditional hardware-based debug methods are slow and time consuming. Use Simics to get to the root cause of defects fast by running the simulated system in reverse. Watch the sequence of steps that led up to an issue, and Simics will trigger the breakpoints in reverse, making it possible to stop at a previous change to a variable or memory location. Simics joins the processes of isolating bugs and getting to the root cause to accelerate your debugging workflow.

Automate Debugging

Not only can you repeat and isolate bugs quickly with Simics using unique capabilities such as check-pointing, reverse execution, run-to-run repeatability, hardware inspection, and full system visibility and control, but Simics includes a powerful source code debugger. It includes not only a complete graphical user interface (GUI), but also Simics commands that are at your fingertips, so you can script debugging activities and automate debugging.

Corner Case Testing and Fault Injection

Perform corner case testing for any hardware or I/O fault condition. Inject faults into the system to provoke behavior that otherwise would be difficult to detect and analyze. Then simply freeze the system and send the checkpoint file to the development team for easy bug reproduction and correction.

Extend with JTAG Debugging

Some debugging can only be done with real hardware and a JTAG connection. Extend your debugging capability with Wind River JTAG debugging solutions.
Wind River® Simics® simulates systems—from the smallest to the most complex—so you can adopt new development techniques that are simply not possible with physical hardware. These new development techniques accelerate every phase of your development lifecycle, dramatically reducing the risk of shipping late, overrunning budget, and sacrificing quality.

Ubiquitous Access to Target Hardware

Develop Concurrently Without Hardware Delays

With virtual target platforms on every engineer's desk, your engineers will never again be idle while they wait for limited hardware units to free up. And with virtual hardware systems, you can bring up, develop, and integrate your system before physical hardware is available, increasing the concurrency of your development.

Arm Your Sales Team

With Simics, you'll put a virtual demo in the hands of every member of your sales team so they can close business earlier than ever before—no more slide ware.

Support and Train Your Customers

Support your customers more effectively by simulating their environment perfectly to reproduce issues and seamlessly pass them to the software engineering team for resolution. And because hardware cost is no longer an issue, you'll be able to train your customers with virtual target systems that scale to their training needs.