CodeWarrior™ Development Tools enable and support the engineering development process from board bring-up through applications development with a common unified integrated development environment.

In addition to providing a functionally rich environment for hardware and software development, CodeWarrior promotes collaboration through each stage of development because the environment is the same for the hardware engineer in the pre-platform development area, to the firmware engineer developing RTOS drivers, to the application engineer developing the end application. Metrowerks works with the Motorola core technology centers and has the earliest access to new silicon of any development tool company. These groups use CodeWarrior to validate their silicon and provide a rigorous test bed for our compilers and simulators. CodeWarrior Development Tools for Motorola embedded processors and microcontrollers supports the full range of architectures, including ARM, HCXX, DSP568XX, 68K, ColdFire, M-CORE, StarCore, and PowerPC and apart from Motorola chips, CodeWarrior does support chips from ST Microelectronic, NEC, MIPS and few more to list.

The "TAP" family of emulation, system debug and integration tools supports you all the way through board bring-up, BSP and device driver development not just for one project but again and again so you don't have to invest in new development platforms. These tools tap into the full potential of your chosen CPU and associated peripherals providing you with a crash-proof development environment to conduct microprocessor emulation, system test, debug and integration. You'll find these tools help dramatically cut debugging time and costs so you can deliver high performance systems competitively and timely to the market. Metroweks’s solutions deliver the visibility, reliability, and credibility required in today's complex business-critical embedded systems. Metrowerks's most popular Runcontrol tools include NetROM®, PowerTAPPRO® and CodeTAP®.

Metrowerks features highly optimized and scalable embedded RTOS. Metrowerks RTOS are renowned for their extremely small memory footprint,fast context switch times accompanied by quality & reputaion. Metrowerks RTOSes & CodeWarrior tools provide an ideal software platform in each step of embedded development cycle "from conception to market" . Currently Metrowerks RTOSes supports various architectures including ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, ColdFIRE, SH(TM) & x86 architectures. Metrowerks's most popular RTOS include: Embedded Linux, OSEK and partnership with RTXC, MQX, etc

CodeTEST software analysis tools use a patented instrumentation technology to monitor your code. Instrumentation tags are inserted into your code during your build process, using your compiler without affecting your original source. When the resulting executable is run, tags are sent to a data collection agent that then sends the data to the host application. Using this technology, CodeTEST software analysis tools provide Performance, Coverage, Memory and Trace analysis, and a software execution trace capability similar to a logic analyzer, but better suited for the software engineer.

CodeTEST Tools

CodeTEST Performance - boosts embedded productivity by precisely identifying embedded software-related bottlenecks.

CodeTEST Trace - tracks in detail the execution history of a program at the RTOS level, control-flow, and source levels, making it easier and faster to determine the root and triggering consequence of particular issues.

CodeTEST Memory - saves time, resources and money by pinpointing system bugs caused by memory leaks or errors.

CodeTEST Statement and Decision Coverage-provides comprehensive statement and decision coverage, invoking every point of entry and exit in the program at least once. Equipped with CodeTEST's decision coverage tool you can also ensure that each decision in the program has been taken on all possible outcomes at least once.

CodeTEST Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC)- gives you complete confidence in delivering the most comprehensive code coverage recognized in the industry today.

One of the few tools qualifiable under FAA guidelines, D0-178B, CodeTEST ACT not only delivers statement and decision coverage it produces "Level A" coverage known as modified condition/decision coverage.


The Encirq 3e Suite of database tools, technologies, and components for embedded systems is now available. With the Encirq 3e Suite, embedded software developers have everything they need to automatically generate custom, full-featured database components for high-speed direct execution in their systems. Encirq 3e is now available for both 16- and 32-bit CPUs, with/without and RTOS, often with memory footprints less than 50kBytes.