recognize that information is vital for the customer and presenting that information in an efficient and easily understood framework is crucial. With this Focus We have partnered with Best in breed Solution providers for Embedded & VLSI Design Industries

AMMOS, with its enthusiastic team capable of high standards of industry competency and experience helps you integrate cutting edge technology to help you streamline your design processes and increase your productivity, thus shortening your design cycle and taking you much closer to meet your time-to-market schedules.

MQX Embedded
Actis Computers
ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM's comprehensive product offering includes 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors, data engines, 3D processors, digital libraries, embedded memories, peripherals, software and development tools, as well as analog functions and high-speed connectivity products. Combined with the company's broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies.

ARM provides developers with intellectual property (IP) solutions in the form of processors, physical IP, cache and SoC designs, application-specific standard products (ASSPs), related software and development tools — everything you need to create an innovative product design based on industry-standard components that are ‘next generation’ compatible
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Metrowerks is the one-stop source for products that support development from board bring-up to application development to integration and testing. And because all of our tools work together, developers will save time moving between tool suites. Whether you are an auto manufacturer supporting several hundred platforms, or managing wireless development for the seemingly daily release of new devices, this improved efficiency and reliability means an increase in margins.

The CodeWarrior family of software and hardware development tools is designed to help developers decrease their time to market, and it is complemented with services offerings including training, custom software development, and other professional services.

Metrowerks has strengthened its position as an industry leader through strategic partnerships with major industry players including Apple Computer, Palm Inc., Sun Microsystems®, and Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

Founded in 1985, Metrowerks is today an independently operating subsidiary of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Metrowerks corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas; Metrowerks Europe is headquartered in Munich; Metrowerks Asia is headquartered in Singapore; and Metrowerks Japan is headquartered in Tokyo
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MQX Embedded is a division of ARC International, focusing entirely on the software needs of the embedded system developer. ARC International is listed on the London Stock Exchange as ARC International plc (LSE:ARK), and has research and development, sales and marketing offices across North America, Europe and Asia.

MQX Embedded provides state-of-the-art tools, platforms, operating systems, networking software and platform enhancements for leading companies worldwide such as IBM, NASA, Xerox, General Electric, Tektronix, Agilent, Bauch & Lomb, Canon,Cisco, Alphamosaic/Broadcom, Siemens, Toshiba, Panasonic, NCR, Hitachi, NEC, Sandisk, Hyundai, Samsung, Mitel, and DIRECTV, among many, many others. Discover More....
Telelogic is the leading global provider of solutions for advanced systems and software development. Telelogic's intuitive, best-in-class software tools automate and support best practices throughout the development lifecycle, leaving development teams free to concentrate on core competencies and apply their skills and energy to value-added tasks.

By optimizing each phase of development, Telelogic enables companies to deliver higher quality systems and software with greater predictability, reduced time to market and lower overall costs. To ensure interoperability with third-party tools, Telelogic's products are built on an open architecture and standardized language.  Discover More....
ACTIS Computer is an engineering company specialized in small size, low power consumption, extended temperature range, Single Board Computers and I/O modules for industrial embedded applications. ith standard or custom products designed around the PowerPC processors, ACTIS Computer provides solutions for many process control projects. Products are available in VME 3U and 6U form factor, as well as IP module (VITA-4), PMC, PCI, cPCI or custom size. All boards are manufactured by an ISO-9002 subcontractor and use extensively SMD and FPGA technology to insure small size, automated manufacturing and high performance. Discover More....
                    Opal-RT Technologies provides software, hardware, and related services for real-time simulation, control system development and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing, by enabling real-time parallel processing and simulation through flexible and affordable technologies. Discover More....        
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